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With an electric motor in your sailboat, you no longer have to decide between sailing slowly with little wind, uncomfortable motor sailing, or calling it quits and firing up the diesel. Your motor is always on. You can use as little or as much power as the conditions call for. Motor sailing is where electric propulsion really shines.  A small amount of power goes a long way while you are under sail. It can help fill out your sails or point higher to get you to your destination faster. 



Electric motors make as much sense for use in a launch as they do in a sailboat. Electric motor propelled launch boats are widely used and reliable. 

If you are the owner of a marina or yacht club please reach out for a quote. You will start saving money on day one while offering your guests a more pleasant experience.  

An electric outboard motor is a great entry point and introduction to going electric. We can breathe new life into an old outboard you already have by converting it to electric propulsion or get you set up with a new one - we work with the best new outboards models on the market. Going electric for your dinghy or skiff means no more fumes, noise, or spilling gasoline or oil in your boat, the water, in your car, or on yourself! Plus, it will always start right up when you need it!

We can design your boat to be 100% solar powered or anywhere in between. Even non electric powered boats can take advantage of solar - whether its reducing generator run time, keeping your lead acid batteries topped off (which makes them very happy), or keeping your refrigerator running during the week - it all makes good sense. We proudly use Sunpower solar panels, which utilize the highest quality and most efficient solar cells on the market. 


Our boat monitoring systems will help to protect your investment. You can easily and remotely monitor bilge activity, shore power, battery voltage, high water, anchor alarm, GPS tracking, intrusion, and temperature. They can even allow you to turn on your A/C or fridge before you even arrive at the dock.


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